Wet-Strength Cut & Stack Labels for Craft Beer Bottles

POSTED 11/24/2015
Beer Bottle Labels - Epsen Hillmer Graphics
While there is more than one type of label that can be used on craft beer bottles, there are several very compelling reasons to strongly consider wet-strength cut & stack labels. Before we get into the specifics of wet-strength labels, it’s worth taking a moment to cover the key features of the cut & stack style. Read More »

Pressure Sensitive Labels for Spirits Bottles 101

POSTED 11/20/2015
Beginners Guide for Customized Labels by EHG
Spirits makers who are evaluating different options for their bottle labels should put pressure sensitive labels at the top of their list. Since all the different options and terms associated with different custom label and printing applications can be overwhelming, it’s reassuring to know that there are some clear reasons to focus on pressure sensitive labels. Read More »

Craft Beer & Soda Labels from Epsen Hillmer Graphics

POSTED 11/11/2015
Beer Bottle Labels - Epsen Hillmer Graphics
One of the areas Epsen Hillmer Graphics specializes in is printing labels for craft beer and soda bottles. As both of these industries have continued to grow, it’s become more important than ever for craft producers to have great labels that make their products stand out. While there was a time when simply having a craft beer or soda was enough to get consumers’ attention, the growth of this industry has created a lot of competition for that attention. Read More »

Four-Color Printing for Health & Beauty Labels

POSTED 11/02/2015
EHG - Customized Eye-Catching Beauty Labels
One of the keys to great health & beauty labels is understanding four-color printing and properly utilizing this process. By choosing a partner that has the capabilities to do four-color printing the right way, you can ensure that your health & beauty labels stand out on even the most crowded of store shelves. Read More »