Getting Started with the Perfect Health & Beauty Label

POSTED 09/29/2015
Customized Labels for Health and Beauty Products
The large number of health & beauty products on store shelves means companies need a great health & beauty label to make their own products stand out. To successfully accomplish that goal, companies need to follow several key steps. By understanding which steps are vital to this process, as well as choosing the right partner to work with, Omaha companies can get the competitive advantage they need to flourish in the health & beauty market. Read More »

Digital vs. Traditional Label Printing for Liquor Bottles

POSTED 09/17/2015
Digital vs Traditional Label Printing - EHG
Of all the different types of label printing that we do at Epsen Hillmer Graphics, one of the most in-demand is for liquor and other spirits bottles. While you would have a hard time finding an established industry that’s not competitive, being able to stand out on store shelves is especially important for liquor and spirits companies. Brand perception can literally make or break a company in this industry, which is why creating the perfect bottle label is a key piece of the puzzle. Read More »

Using Pressure Sensitive Labels on Craft Beer Bottles

POSTED 09/10/2015
Beer Bottle Labels - Epsen Hillmer Graphics
Any craft beer brewer that wants to take the branding of their bottles to the next level should look at pressure sensitive labels. As we’ll discuss throughout this post, there are numerous reasons why pressure sensitive labels are such a good fit for craft beer bottles. Add to that the level of service, quality and expertise that Epsen Hillmer Graphics provides, and it’s easy to see how it’s possible to give your craft beer branding a significant boost in a relatively short amount of time. Read More »