High Quality Craft Beer Bottle Labels are a Must

POSTED 03/31/2015
Craft Beer Bottle for Labels - EHG
Craft beer has already claimed 14% of the entire beer market. Since the rise of craft beer shows no signs of slowing down, craft beer companies that can continue strengthening their brand are in a great position. Of all the factors that play a role in building a strong brand, craft beer bottle labels are one of the most important. The reason craft beer bottle labels are such an important component of branding is not only are they responsible for grabbing consumers’ attention, but what’s on a label can play a key role in whether or not a consumer actually purchases a new type of craft beer. Read More »

What Labels are Best for Wine & Spirit Bottles?

POSTED 03/26/2015
Spirit and Alcohol Bottles with Customized Pressure Sensitive Labels
Whether a company produces a scotch, vodka, tequila, or a variety of wines & spirits, the appearance of every bottle is very important. Without a bottle and label that stands out, few consumers will ever try the product. Fortunately, Epsen Hillmer Graphics can help companies produce high quality labels for their wine & spirit bottles. Read More »

How to Create the Best Food Labels

POSTED 03/19/2015
Food Labels by EHG (Lady Shopping for Sunscreen)
Global Industry Analysts have pegged the 2015 worldwide market for condiments, sauces and dressings at $72 billion. Although this massive market presents a lot of opportunity, it also comes with significant competition. Since consumers make decisions in a matter of seconds, salad dressings and sauces must have the best possible food labels. If your company is happy with the food products you produce but unhappy with the labels that are currently on your bottles, Epsen Hillmer Graphics can help. With a history in Omaha that can be traced back all the way to 1908, we know exactly what’s needed to create the right types of labels for condiments, sauces and dressings. Read More »

Increase Beauty Product Sales with Quality Labels

POSTED 03/10/2015
Customized Labels for Health and Beauty Products
It’s no secret that the market for beauty products is very competitive. Standing out from competitors on store shelves is one of the reasons why quality labels are so important for any company that sells beauty products. However, standing out on store shelves isn’t the only benefit of having the right kind of labels on your company’s products. While beauty product businesses generally spend a lot of time thinking about how their product will look on store shelves, they often forget that image is just as important online. When a customer in Omaha or anywhere else in the world is shopping for a beauty product online, they don’t want to just read about it. They also want to see pictures of it. Read More »