Craft Beer and Soda Labels for Many Bottle Types

POSTED 10/30/2014
Craft Beer Bottle for Labels - EHG
When you're getting ready to print craft beer and soda labels, you may think that the printing process starts with the material you want your labels to be printed on, but it actually starts with the shape of the bottles your beverage will be packaged in. From stubby bottles to bombers and everything beyond, thinking about the bottle your custom labels from Epsen Hillmer Graphics are applied to, will ensure that your products and their labels look their best on store shelves. Read More »

Cut & Stack Labels Material: Paper, Synthetic, Clear Film, and More!

POSTED 10/20/2014
In order to make the best decisions possible when printing cut & stack labels with Epsen Hillmer Graphics, you have to know your options when it comes to which label materials will best fit your needs and unique situation. Today our custom label printing specialists will go over common types of label materials used for cut & stack labels, including clear films, synthetic, papers, and some specialty options that you may not have thought of! Read More »

Pressure Sensitive Labels and Label Liners

POSTED 10/10/2014
One aspect of the label printing process that’s largely overlooked is the decision of what label liner to use. Depending on the application process being utilized by your business or co-packer, there are many different liner types that could be used to deliver the results you want, from semi-calendered and poly-coated Kraft to lay flat liners and polyester film. Read More »

Get Ready for Oktoberfest with Craft Beer Labels!

POSTED 10/02/2014
Fall is here, and you know what that means--Oktoberfest! This is one of the busiest and most profitable times for craft breweries, but only if you know what you're doing. Beer drinkers of all stripes come together to try new brews and savor old favorites, and as most craft breweries know, there are a lot of craft beers to choose from. That's where having the perfect craft beer labels can help your company's brews be noticed over anyone else's. Read More »