The 1 Thing Every Beauty Product Label Needs

POSTED 09/08/2016
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From brand perception to directly impacting sales, there is a long list of reasons why the design used for a beauty product label is a very important decision. However, simply knowing the importance of this type of design isn’t enough to ensure that a beauty product label is the best possible version of itself. In order to accomplish that goal, it’s vital to dig into the key elements that make this type of label great.

If you look at a variety of labels from different beauty companies that are successful, it may seem like each one is completely unique from the others. While there’s some truth to that statement, all the labels do share at least one element.

Why a Beauty Product Label Needs to Tell a Story

The element you’ll find on any great label across the beauty landscape is telling a story. Out of all the possible elements that can make a label great, why does telling a story stand out as the most important? A big part of the answer has to do with the fact that people in Omaha and all over the globe are hardwired to respond to stories.

Because we’re all naturally drawn to stories, incorporating this element into a product label gives people something to grab onto and makes that product stand out from the others that may literally be on the same shelf.

How to Tell the Right Story with a Label Design

Now that you know why story is such an essential design element, the next question that tends to come up is how to go about telling a story with this kind of design. Honesty is the first component of a great story. When you use your labels to tell an authentic story, consumers will really resonate with it.

Speaking of consumers, another important part of telling the right story is using language that’s going to resonate with exactly who you’re trying to reach. Even though this may seem like a small detail, it actually has a big impact on how connected people feel to your story.

Last but not least, you want to tell a story that inspires people to take action. The most obvious action is to purchase your product. Additionally, finding a way to tell a story that people are interested in spreading to others can help take awareness about your beauty product to the next level.

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